11 Things Everyone to Know Before Using Invisalign

Invisalign is one of the best alternatives you will find to traditional braces. However, you may face some challenges on how to get started. You can get more information about these clear aligners by visiting any Londonbased best Invisalign Clinic.

#1. You may get more attachments than you thought of

Invisalign treatment has now been updated.They now use attachments,regular coloured ridges and some other materials to aid your brackets to correct your teeth. These attachments are usually stuck to your bracket to help them move your teeth faster. This is the reason Invisalign can be used to treat more complex cases than before. For some people, you may have to start up with no attachment and end up with more than 18. You never can tell, condition your mind to start up with two; the landing number for you may be up to 20.So, during the first few months, there may be days you feel like you are wearing many braces, but as you progress, you will forget that there is something like an aligner in your mouth.

#2. 22 hours is the least duration per day

These braces are removable, but you have to wear them for at least 22 hours if they must be effective. The only time you have to take them off is when you’re eating, or cleaning your mouth.

#3. Weight loss may have to be the next option for you

Since you have to wear your Invisalignbraces for about 22 hours,that means you have only 2 hours left for food and cleaning. This may seem like so much work,but you have to discipline yourself enough to maximise the two hours. To move your teeth as fast as they should, it is advisable for you not too frequently take out your aligners. So, you should be ready for packing as many calories as you want during mealtime. During your first few weeks with Invisalign, you frequently get hungry but don’t worry; you will get used to it. So, for the first few months, you may notice that you are losing more weight than you thought.  However, taking theright amount of protein smoothie with every meal will help you regain.

#4. You will miss your lipsticks

 Your lipsticks will have to wait. Since you used Invisalignbecause of its invisibility, you have to avoid anything that can stay in and make it visible. Lipsticks stain the teeth easily, and the bracket is no exception. You can use lip balm as they should not leave a waxy residue on the aligners. If you can’t do without make-up, you can focus more on your eyes to remove the attention from your lips.

#5. The manicures will have to wait

The manicures are gorgeous, and I understand what it means for women to go without them. But for your treatment with Invisalign,you may have to avoid them. You need your nails in good shape to take out the aligners. Wearing artificial nails and nail polishes to remove your braces will end up spoiling them. So if you still want to use a manicure, you have to be ready to go with chipped nails or frequently repaint them.

#6. Get ready to take more attention from your lips and brush your teeth more than a dozen times a day

Okay, we know we used the word “dozen”,but it doesn’t necessarily needs to be a dozen times a day. ForInvisalign,you have to brush every time you take out your braces. So as you take out your braces to eat, know that you cannot put them on again until you have brushed your teeth. It is easy for plagues to build up and cavities to occur when you have leftover food particles in your mouth. Wearing your braces over these remaining particles will hinder their work and weaken the braces. Also, you should know that you don’t need to be told about the stinky breath.

 Also, not every kind of toothbrush and toothpaste will do. So, you have to talk to your orthodontist to recommend the toothbrush and toothpaste for you. He will also have to teach you how to floss with Invisalign.

#7. It is awkward to Kiss

We’ve got some funny comments from our patients that wearing Invisalign hinders them from kissing their partners effectively. As amusing as it sounds, it’s true. Now is the time you need a part of that person that truly loves you, and is cool with your quest for a better smile. So, your partner has to adjust with the retainers in your mouth and also work with you to find other easy ways to spice up your love life.

#8. It is Easy for the Attachment to get Stained

The reasons you are required to check out your aligners and attachment is because they stain easily. So you have to be careful of whatever comes into your mouth to ensure they don’t stain your aligners and the attachment. When next you want to take a cup of tea or coffee, remember that very soon you’ll be wearing braces with brown stripes all around. To avoid this, ensure you brush every time you take a cup of tea or coffee.

#9. You will need Only Cold Water

Coldwater seems like the only sensible thing for you to use right now. Going for hot tea can cause your aligners to warp, and sugary and alcoholic drinks will cause you to have buildups. Don’t even try to go for white wines; they will still stain your braces.

#10. You can’t try Teeth Whitening

You may be tempted to go for whiter teeth that will go with your aligning teeth. However, this is not best when you are undergoing the treatment. So your orthodontist will tell you to pause every whitening process until you’re done with the procedure. To prevent the stains, you have to brush and floss every time.

#11. You can Try Refinement

Everything may not perfectly align, especially if you had very severe misalignment. So, you may have to use refinement aligners to fix the stubborn teeth. So be calm, and this means that when your initial Invisalign treatment is over,Invisalignoffers you another refinement aligner to correct anything that didn’t follow up with the procedure.

We have one of the best Invisalign offers in London for you. Contact London Braces on 020 37457520 to find out more.

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