8 Things You Must Know Before Accepting A New Job

If you are going to accept a new job offer, then before that keep these things told by the experts. Whenever you get a new job, it seems like everything is going well. Getting a new job and moving to a new office is definitely a different feeling. At the same time, when the salary of the month comes into your account, even then it seems that the world has been found, but many times after the salary comes and after accepting the new job, we come to know that there is something with us in the name of rules. It’s like cheating.

There are a few things you must keep in mind before ever accepting a new job offer.

Whether you are a fresher or you are experienced, keep these things in mind before signing a new job contract-

  1. In-hand Salary-

In-Hand Salary means the salary that you will get every month in the bank account. The first thing that people look for in their offer letter is CTC (Cost to Company), there can be a huge difference between your CTC and in-hand salary.

Keep in mind that you take a complete breakup of your salary from HR so that you do not get shocked at the end of the month.

  1. HR Policies-

Before accepting your offer letter, discuss about the HR policies. What does the company do for sexual harassment, discrimination, etc? What facilities can be provided to you according to the policies of the company?

Yes, it must be kept in mind that if there is any legal process, then only the rules laid down in it will apply, that is, even if you want, the complaint of sexual harassment will have to be filed at the same time which is valid according to the law. It is valid for 3 months, the company cannot increase or decrease it according to its own. Also, ask for health insurance.

  1. Holidays-

Whatever holidays HR tells you, they will get holidays of the whole year together, from when can you take holidays? Is it that every month’s holiday will be credited to your account? Will the holiday lapse at the end of the year? Can the leave be cashed, clear all these things before HR.

  1. Social Security Benefits-

How will your PF account work and the law says that the company will also have to make a monthly contribution to the employee’s PF account? This should appear in your contract. You should also clarify this policy with HR. Most companies make these contributions as part of the CTC.

  1. Clause to be fired from the job-

Many companies do not give details about termination clauses and policies to the public in advance, but this is very important. In a way, it is part of your contract, but people do not consider it necessary to read about it. You have to make sure that you talk about it carefully. Be sure to take information about the company’s Misconduct clause.

  1. Confidentiality Clause-

The data of each company is their property and sometimes companies also include a confidence clause in their contracts. This includes that the employee will not share the personal information of the company with anyone.

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  1. Non-Compete Clause-

This is a clause that people do not know about and many people get caught in legal matters. According to this clause, companies can prevent you from working together in other business as well. However, the law states that if this clause is not found to be true, then the employee can challenge it in court.

  1. Bond-

This is a clause that states for how long you have been with the same company. Actually, this clause will keep you tied to the same institution for a fixed period. The validity of bonds can also be challenged in court, but you have to make sure that you read all the clauses carefully beforehand.

Before signing any new contract, keep in mind that read all these things thoroughly.

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