#Best Aircon Servicing, Cleaning & Repair in Singapore

Now the time air condition system now becomes a part of regular lifestyle as like cell phone we become habitual & the most incredible funny thing is for some people, it’s become necessary for survival in Singapore. Our past generation was live without electricity in fact still at rural people not so familiar user of this product but it’s a guaranty our current generations addicted to this good technology in Singapore.

If you have the air conditions system either domestic or commercial propose you must be needed to Aircon servicing for a regular period to continue to standardize services in Singapore. From the interior of an occupied space removing the heat & moisture to develop the suitable occupants of air conditioning services is call Aircon servicing. Air conditions are used as heat protections to create a bridge & man tent our room car building temperature as if from outside natural weather in Singapore. Air conditioning product is available at market in different size as per your preference of requirement room, car, building all product budgets & its maintenance will be deferent at Singapore. 

We are the NOUVA HOME SERVICES totally understands your worried. NOUVA HOME SERVICES assure you care that we take your air condition system responsibility to make sure your home regularly refresh with a healthy atmosphere Singapore. Because NOUVA HOME SERVICES proved Aircon servicing to maintain all feature proper activity of air condensation system.

Aircon servicing provided by NOUVA HOME SERVICES in Singapore in the two parts of services.

 First one is One-time General Service second one is Chemical Overhaul service & in the first one type of services customer get the guaranty of 3-month longevity of the unity or in second one customer get the assurance over the years for the smooth and fresh airflow.

·  First one One-time General Service  in Aircon servicing has five type subdivision packages’   budget 50/unit,$30/unit,$25/unit,$60 – $90,$40  for 1,2 , 3 & 4 number  Fan Coils and above the Gas Top up  or Troubleshooting  survives with the feature  Check deodorizing and purifying filter, Clean & check indoor evaporator coil, Clean & check indoor drainage tray (Wall mount fan coil), Vacuuming of drainage pan (Ceiling mount fan coil), Vacuuming of drainage system Brush & check outdoor condenser coil, Check fan bearing and lubricate (if necessary) , Check compressor suction and discharge gas pressure, Tightening of electrical contacts.

In the second type Aircon servicing by the Chemical Overhaul has two type budget $130/unit ,$180/unit for the Fully Dismantling of aircon unit air Conditioning BTU Per Fan Coil  powers 9000- 12000 BTU&18000 – 24000 BTU  with the feature Chemical wash aircon cover, Chemical wash Air filter, Chemical wash Evaporator fin, Chemical wash Drainage tray, Vacuum Drainage pipe, Chemical wash Blower wheel, Check fan bearing and lubricate (if necessary), Check compressor suction and discharge gas pressure of support services.

NOUVA HOME SERVICES always take care of your investment you have to just check our Website: Nouve.com.sg you got all details regarding Best Aircon Servicing in Singapore package Number of Fan coils, Price of the package, Scope of Work Vacuuming of drainage cleaning to check to deodorize and purifying.

NOUVA HOME SERVICES provide in every Aircon servicing package 30-day warranty for workmanship (on the scope of service only) in Singapore. NOUVA HOME SERVICES to schedule reschedule, cancel Aircon services you can call or email us up to 72 hours before.

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