Hollyoaks Star Stephanie Davis arrested on Suspicion of GBH

Hollyoaks On receiving reports of assault, police went to a hotel in Enfield late Sunday night at 11 o’clock, 2 July. It arrested a 24-year-old woman Stephanie Davis for charges of GBH.

GBH stands for Grievous Bodily Harm often abbreviated as GBH. It appeared as if Stephanie Davis and Jeremy had a vigorous fight at the Royal Chace Hotel in Enfield.  Police took Stephanie to a north London police station on charges of assaulting her boyfriend Jeremy. She was not sent to the hospital right away. After spending a day in police custody, Stephanie was immediately sent to the hospital but she is still in custody and the charges aren’t lifted.

Stephanie Davis-A successful Television Personality

Stephanie Davis acted for five years 2010-2015 in British daily Soap Opera Hollyoaks playing the role of Sinead O’Connor. She started her career by being a contestant in BBC-talent searching show Over the Rainbow in 2010. She was also a contestant in the show Celebrity Big Brother 2016. Here is where she met her on/off current boyfriend Costar Jeremy McConnell. Back then, she was still dating model Sam Reece. Stephanie Davis recently had a baby with Jeremy McConnell. His name is CabenAlbi and he is of seven months now.

The morning after Stephanie was arrested; Jeremy was spotted at London’s Stansted airport. He was heading back to his hometown Dublin that afternoon. He looked distracted and kept using his phone the whole time. He tried to cover his face at the airport while boarding the flight to Ireland. He was a total mess and face was bruised all over. One of his close sources said “Jeremy is flying back to Dublin to get away from everything that is happening back in London. He needs a break to get some head space.”

Hours before the arrest, Stephanie and Jeremy were found to be drinking vodka together in a pub‘The Moon’ under Water in Wether spoons in North London. They were forced to leave the pub by the manager for abusing each other verbally. Both of them were drunk before and Stephanie had even tweeted that booze was ‘ruining her life’. She deleted it later on. Both of them tried to quit the drinking habit for their seven-month-old son. Though remaining sober for three weeks straight, she was found slumped on a park bench after drinking.

At present, Stephanie is not in any critical condition but has to remain in the hospital for some time.

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