How to Disable Talkback Without Settings on Android

The TalkBack feature of the Android phone is fantastic. However, this feature could cause problems as well. The majority of Android users complain about the inconvenience of turning off the TalkBack feature on their phones. If you turn on the Talkback option activated the phone begins talking to you in all of your actions. Moreover, click-based actions will not function as they did before. In this post, we will look at How to Turn off talkback on Android.

What exactly is Talkback on Android phones?

Google has introduced the feature of talkback for the Android device, which makes Android smartphones more accessible to everyone. The company developed the feature to assist visually and blind impaired users make use of the device without external assistance. The device will begin speaking to the user once the feature for talkback is turned on. Each time an action is performed by the smartphone it will be able to speak the exact words aloud. This allows the user to understand what was done. It assists visually impaired people.

How to make the Talkback Option Gets Turn on Automatically

As previously mentioned previously, the Talkback feature available on the android smartphone is useful for visually impaired or blind users. However, the feature can be activated by accident in the majority of instances. If activated, normal touch won’t work the way it did previously. The phone will talk every time contact occurs.

The Android phones came with the option of a shortcut to activate the feature of Talk Back. For example, the Talkback feature is activated when you press and hold both the volume buttons both up and down for three minutes. Since Google included the shortcut in that volume control, many users will accidentally hit it. This is why we’ll look at the best way to turn off or disable off the Talkback feature on Android devices.

How to turn off the Talkback on an Android Smartphone

There are two ways to deactivate the talkback feature on android phones in the event that the service is activated in error. Many people are annoyed when the feature is enabled, but do not know how to turn it off. We will look into two methods to deactivate the talkback function.

How to Disable Talkback Without Settings on Android – Turn off the Talkback feature on Android By Using the Shortcut Option

The next question is How to Disable Talkback Without Settings on Android? Use the same shortcut repeatedly to shut off the talkback function without making the setting. Holding on the Volume Down and Up buttons simultaneously for three seconds when the talkback feature is activated will disable the feature of talkback on Android.

Therefore, we can say that pressing in the same way and holding both the volume up and Down buttons together for 3 seconds can turn on this feature. Pressing and holding the button for Volume Down and Up buttons for three seconds will shut off this feature.

When the Talkback feature is deactivated and activated the phone will display an alert in the display. Additionally, you’ll hear a voice saying that the Talkback feature is active and then deactivated when it is turned off.

Turn off the Talkback feature from the Settings

Follow the instructions below to turn talkback off on your Android device by adjusting the settings.

Step 1: Open the settings app on your smartphone.

Step 2: In Settings, go to the bottom and there is the option to change the settings called Additional Settings. Click the option.

Step 3: You’ll locate another option called Accessibility in The Additional setting. Select the Accessibility option.

Step 4: In the menu, you will see another option titled Talkback. Select Talkback.

Step 5: Lastly you will view the TalkBack toggle and disable options. You can turn off the Talkback option.

The Android phone will operate as before and you will be able to make the same calls as before. However, the shortcut technique is the most efficient and simplest method to disable the TalkBack option on Android phones.

How do I Switch Talkback Off Completely

In the event that you are using the Talkback feature is active you can disable it and disable it with the shortcut and settings options. However, we can’t eliminate the option to talk back completely from the device since it is an internal feature.

How to turn off the Shortcut for Talkback

The shortcut for talkback can be added on top of the button for volume up and down. If we hold and press the volume up or down button for three seconds, the talkback function is activated and then deactivated. But, we can’t eliminate the shortcut option from the button to turn the volume up or down.

What is the reason why the Talkback feature can’t be disabled for Samsung Phones?

It is worth noting that the Talkback feature is known as voice Assistance for Samsung devices. Samsung put it in the accessibility settings. To disable the feature without pressing the volume button follow the steps below on Samsung devices.

Step 1: When the talkback function is on you can swipe the screen using two fingers until you’ll be able to see the notification panel.

Step 2: In the notification area, tap on the icon for setting (now it’s highlighted). Double-tap it to access options on the Samsung device.

Step 3. Now, scroll down using your fingers from the settings.

Step 4: You will locate the accessibility option at the lower right. Tap it once and it will be selected. Double-tap it again to open.

Step 5: In the accessibility settings double-tap in the Screen Reader and double-tap it once more to open.

Step 6: Then step, on the Screen Reader page, you will find an option to enable the Voice Assistant option enabled.

Step 7: Now you have to turn off the feature by double-tapping and tapping.

Step 8: The confirmation message will open. After that, tap OK, and then double-tap it once more to make sure that Voice Assistance or the Talkback feature of your Samsung phone will become turned off.

How to Disable Talkback Without Settings

If you are wondering How to Disable Talkback Without Settings, we’ve explained the method of shortcut in the first part of this post. To deactivate the talkback, without setting it you need to hold and press the button to turn the volume up or down for three minutes. After that, a tiny notification will appear on your screen that indicates that the talkback has been switched off.

What is the reason that Talkback is called the Voice Assistant feature on Samsung phones?

Samsung devices are custom-designed with Samsung’s One UI over the stock Android versions. This is why Samsung changed the talkback feature, as well as a custom name. Since the feature for talkback is a voice-assist function, Samsung renamed it with a more appropriate name, such as Voice Assistance, which is more easily understood by users rather than the default Talk Back name. Therefore, when you turn off talkback on your Samsung device, make sure you follow the same procedure.

Why is Talkback on iPhone Isn’t Available?

Talkback is a feature that’s only available on Android mobile. The Talkback feature is a function that’s only available on Android mobile phones, and you can access this feature only available on Apple devices. Since the two operating systems are different platforms, you will not be able to utilize the feature of talkback on iPhone.

The complete shut-off of the talkback shortcut is it possible?

You can, however, switch off and on talkback with the shortcut. But completely removing this shortcut on your Android phone isn’t possible.

Do we have a Talkback feature on the Google Pixel Phone?

The answer is yes, Google Pixel is also an Android phone. You can also check out the Talkback coming to Google Pixel. All Android phones including Google, Samsung, Motorola, Nothing, Huawei, and Vivo as well as others are compatible with this Talkback feature. You may however notice changes to the name or settings depending on the personalization for each phone.

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