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If the regular news of communal disharmony in the country wasn’t enough to make people depressed and angry constantly, recent news from India reporting a 90% jump in daily Covid-19 cases after a steady decline after the third wave at the start this year, most of us have been filled with anxiety for another coronavirus lockdown. Add to that the daily grim news of war in different parts of the world, which explains why everyone’s mental health has taken a toll even after the lifting of travel restrictions amid the uncertain times of a pandemic.

This is where activities like Yoga and meditation are helpful not only in decreasing anxiety, depression, anger and vulnerability to pain, but also in strengthening the power of mindfulness and boosting the immune system and increasing overall well-being. It interrupts our thoughts and allows the mind to rest even in uncertain times.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Tamanna C, Spiritual Coach, Psychic Healer and Author, suggested that in order to heal our energies from situations and relationships that are causing an energy blockage in our field in the form of pain, fear, anger, resentment, etc., we need to cut the root of the negative energy that happens in a process called “cutting the cord”. She listed the following meditations to perform in uncertain times:

1. Visualize yourself covered in white light and visualize the person/situation you need to heal with. This person could be from the past or even the immediate future.

2. Visualize a cord between your navel and the other individual’s navel. Sometimes, depending on the relationship, the cord can be thick or thin. Once the cord is established, visualize it cutting it on the palm side, or cutting it with a knife or scissors, or sometimes even burning it, until it completely disappears. This may take a few seconds.

3. After the cord is cut, send white light from your heart to the other person’s heart and receive white light from the other person’s heart to your heart for as long as you want. Cutting the cord can be done several times a day with the same person. Cutting the cord doesn’t mean ending the relationship, it just means “healing” the negative flow of energy between you and the person.

4. Chakra Balancing Through Color Breathing Techniques – In your daily life, you can apply the following breathing exercise to balance your chakras and bring them into harmony. It can be done as many times as you want and at any time. Sit in a comfortable position. As you close your eyes, visualize yourself inhaling and exhaling green, dark blue yellow, light blue orange, and violet red.

5. Grounding – This is done when you feel overwhelmed or have a lot of energy, you can release the extra energies by grounding instead of throwing them at other people. You can start grounding by sitting in your chair or on the floor with your feet or palms on the floor. As you close your eyes, affirm, “I am willing to release all gray energies, pain, negativity, anger, pain, stress, extra emotional energies and insecurities, blocks and fears.” Let the energy flow into the mother earth center for as long as you like, 2-3-5 minutes. when you feel full with the flow of energy. Visualize yourself being filled with white light from head to toe and cover yourself with a bubble of white light. Affirm, “Dear God, please fill me with divine love, light and protection throughout the day and let me retain the energy I need for today.” This can be done once a day or 4-5 times a week as and when you want.

To be in a relaxed state of mind, Harshit Malik, Wisdom Coach, Enrichment Guide and Entrepreneur, recommended following these basic steps:

– Avoid using cell phones, do some reading related to life, wisdom or inner strength daily

– Relax and sit for 10 minutes on your bed with your eyes closed, take a deep breath and focus. This is a simple and most effective way to bring calm and get rid of all day thoughts that can disturb your deep sleep and rid you of nightmares.

– Early in the morning when you wake up, do not use the phone right away. Instead, go outside and sit outside, listen to soothing music, practice meditation or deep breathing.

– Indulge in a Music Therapy session. This therapy is quite effective as it takes you to a zone where you travel in trans and feel amazed and delighted.

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