Malaika Arora Suggests 3 Yoga Asanas for Better Mental Health: Watch Video Here | Health

Living a fast-paced life with constant responsibility for work, home, and managing our relationships, we often forget to keep a check on our mental health. Many situations affect our well-being and trigger a negative response in our minds. Therefore, it is necessary to follow lifestyle practices that help us achieve better mental health. And Malaika Arora, an avid yoga enthusiast, has some suggestions. The star took to Instagram recently to share a video of herself demonstrating three yoga asanas that can help people take care of their mental health. Scroll ahead to find out more.

Malaika’s video, titled ‘3 Asanas for Better Mental Health’, shows the star practicing three yoga poses. She wore a black top and workout socks with a sleek ponytail to the workout session. The Malaika asanas mentioned in her posts are Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward dog pose, Balasana or child postureand Sukhasana.

Malaika posted the clip with the caption: “In this week’s #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek, let’s move to the mind. Mental health needs equal attention to physical health. @malaikaaroraofficial recommends 3 asanas that can be practiced regularly to take care of our mental health.” . (Read too: Malaika Arora in pink mini dress and bold makeup makes a style statement as she returns to work: Check out photo)

Watch the video:

The video starts with Malaika practicing Adho Mukha Svanasana, followed by Balasana and Sukhasana. In addition to improving our mental health, there are several other benefits to these yoga poses. And we list some of them below.

Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Dog Pose Benefits:

Adho Mukha Svanasana or Descending Dog Pose strengthens the muscles of the legs, arms and shoulders, increases blood flow to the brain, prevents carpal tunnel syndrome, relieves lower back pain and relieves stress and anxiety.

Benefits of Balasana or Child Pose:

Balasana or Child’s Pose releases tension in the chest, improves sleep patterns, relaxes the back and spine, and relieves stress felt by the shoulders and hands.

Sukhasana Benefits:

Sukhasana has a relaxing effect on the mind and body, thus reducing stress and anxiety. It improves focus and makes you attentive, strengthens your back muscles, improves your overall body posture, and stretches your spine and back muscles.

So, are you trying these yoga asanas today to improve your mental health?

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