Relatives India summer Vacations – Story Of A Teenager

Do you know what the most certain fact about hell is? Common throughout all world cultures? That they are hot, such is the deal with India summer.

Indian summers are usually the time of holidays for students (unless you’re in college doing meaningless internships).

One thing though that make all this worse is relatives. God, I hate them. Relatives you see, don’t serve much purpose in our life other than judging our characters and asking for favors.

India summer porn is the time in India which should be re-named as ‘Relatives’ Season’. And I have genuine reasons for that. First, because of the India summers vacations and hence, a mandatory visit to relatives, who actually do not matter to us for obvious reasons. Also, how can I ignore their arrogant and irritating kids? I just do not understand why these little devils are so much into my gadgets.

And the second and deadly reason is The Boards Result. Yes! I know now you readers can connect with me. Remember the day before your class 12th result and the number of phone calls you received from your relatives just to ask your roll number. It was summers too, my friend. But wait! The torture doesn’t stop here. They call you again to discuss other issues that hold importance and urgency of a parliament discussion. For example, what was the reason you scored only 93 marks in physics and why didn’t you choose math over biology?

Well, hold on dear relative! I don’t get it that why are you so interested in my past and also, I do remember you didn’t get me any gift when you visited us 7 years ago. So, the questions you are asking are not justified- at all.

In addition to that, let me tell you one thing. My entire family (maternal and paternal side) knows that your son has got an admission into IIT. So, please stop bothering yourself to advertise it, you have already done a good job doing so. Your love for your kids makes me believe I am adopted or I have a less functional mom.

And reader, if you are Indian then I’m sure you know the pain of taking your guests to sightseeing. This is an all-new level of pissing you off which starts from India Gate and (hardly) ends on Akshardham Temple. Maybe it is a vacation for my relatives, but for me, it is something that makes me hate the entire mankind. What’s the point of taking me in your so-called-day out in this burning heat? You can track my record of visiting these monuments since I was in grade 3rd.

I know we should welcome and treat our guests like a god. But guests are not a god in real; until and unless they get you fancy gifts and eatables. However, I accept cash as well.

So summing it up- if you are sick of having relatives; then do not feel alone, we all have suffered from it. And, if you are planning to have a visit at your relatives, be nice otherwise chances are there a frustrated teen can kill you.

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