Use Vinegar as a Stain Remover

Try dabbing a mustard stain with white distilled vinegar before a wash for extra stain-fighting power. If your clothes have perspiration stains or odors on them after being worn, simply spray full-strength white distilled vinegar on collar and underarm areas, and they should disappear. Various stains on clothing and linen can actually be soaked out in equal parts of milk and vinegar. Spaghetti, barbecue, and ketchup stains are neutralized with a vinegar and water combination.

It is a known fact that most washing machine brands focus on offering quality and durability in an effective way. Some of the best front-loading washing machines offer more than a couple of options to remove stains with or without the help of vinegar.

Vinegar without Your Washing Machine

Eliminate musty smells from cotton by lightly sparkling fabrics with a little vinegar and pressing them.

Wipe patent leather shoes and bags with vinegar to produce an impressive shine consistently. An equal part of water and white vinegar also efficiently removes water and salt stains on boots and shoes.

You can restore the whiteness of socks and dishcloths by bringing a large pot of water and 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to a rolling boil, and soaking them in it overnight.


This tip might be my favorite. It just seems so simple and for a really big job. Let’s say you need to tackle smoky odors on your clothing. Fill a bathtub with very hot water and 1 cup of vinegar and hang the clothes over the tub so the steam rises. Give the fibers a chance to absorb the steam and close the door to concentrate the process.

If these are clothes you iron, your steam iron will be kept clean and in optimal condition by filling the water chamber with equal parts white distilled vinegar and distilled water. Leave the iron set in an upright position and steam for about 5 minutes then rinse the tank with water when it is cool. Be sure to refill and shake water through the vents and nozzles onto an old cloth to wash out mineral deposits, and do not forget to run your iron on a test fabric before using it again on your good duds.

Scorch Marks

Finally, watch scorch marks on ironed clothes disappear when you rub them with a warmed-up mixture of equal parts vinegar and salt. If that technique does not work, try using a cloth that is dampened in full-strength vinegar.

My grandmother used to use vinegar, a bucket of hot water, and old newspapers to clean her windows. It works great! It’s cheap and it’s safe. And ancient history shows us that vinegar has been used to pickle, preserve, and perk up everything from cucumbers to laundry for many thousands of years. It’s considered to have medicinal properties as well, and while we can’t be certain the ancients ever said this about its use in laundry, let’s hear it for the versatile properties of vinegar!

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